Time is your currency

The price of anything purchased at the take your time bar by any given customer is changed into waiting time. Every product has its own waiting time related to the original value of the product. To keep track of the customer's waiting time, every order is placed next to an alarm clock. Only after waiting untill the alarmclock rings it is possible to pick up the order. Take your time can happen anywhere: at your work place, on a festival, in your living room, on the street or at a park.

Ludwig Forum - Aachen, DE (September 2014)

When time is the currency children are self reliant and don't need their parents to pay for them. Therefore Take Your time considers children as a very important group of customers which needs to be taken seriously. As a part of the Kinderkönigreich (Childrens Kingdom) by Pawel Althamer we had the pleasure to meet a lot of these very important customers.

Schunck* - Heerlen, NL (September 2014)

When we moved the Take Your Time bar to the main hall of Schunck* in Heerlen, NL there was a piano standing in the same space. Watch this video to see what some people did while waiting for a coffee.

First event - Maastricht, NL

Check out this video of the very first Take Your Time event.